Stockholm Resilience Region

Stockholm Resilience Region is an initiative focusing on safety, security and disruptive challenges. The region is expanding rapidly, thus increasing demand for more efficient utilisation of resources to maintain key public functions in everyday and crisis situations. Accordingly, several public players are jointly developing the ability to work together.

Johan von Sydow, Deputy County Governor of the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, and Chairman of the Regional Executive Directors Group|
The objective is to develop the ability to coordinate the resources of society more efficiently and thus prevent and minimise undesired effects of known or sudden events, accidents and crises. Johan von Sydow, Deputy County Governor of the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, and Chairman of the Regional Executive Directors Group

Expanding region – imposing demands for collaboration and cooperation

The region is expanding rapidly and has a complex infrastructure. Increasing numbers of people are relocating and visiting the region and more are commuting. Transports are increasing on roads, on railways, in public transport and shipping lines. Minor disruptions could have major consequences. The metropolitan region also has several of the country’s key functions such as the Swedish Parliament, the Government and government authorities. To cope with the challenges, actors in the public sector must become better at cooperating.

Together we will become stronger

In the initiative the players will develop the ability to collaborate and cooperate through coordinated planning and decisions.

  • Efficient cooperation in everyday life will generate good preparedness and the ability to deal with major incidents and crises.
  • Coordinated planning of measures involving the infrastructure will enable us to improve conditions for ensuring accessibility in an expanding region and preventing accidents. Increased cooperation will enable more rapid and more efficient rectification of traffic jams.
  • Accessible roads and improved coordination will enable the Police, Rescue Services and Medical Assistance to reach people more rapidly in the event of illness and accidents.
  • People will be able to make active choices in their travel plans through better and more rapid traffic information.


The players involved are the municipalities in Stockholm County (26), County Administration Board of Stockholm, Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Coastguard, Police Authority in Stockholm Region, SOS Alarm, Ports of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council, Public Transport, Greater Stockholm Fire Brigade, Södertörn Fire and Rescue Services, Attunda Fire Services, and Swedish Transport Administration.

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, contributes national support and quality assurance of methods and technology from a holistic perspective.

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